When moms thrive, children thrive.

Impact Stories


It’s a powerful thing when women come together to support each other.

Meet our moms and learn how a positive, supportive community can change everything for a struggling mom.


Evelyn’s Story

Evelyn gave birth to her eldest son Joseph when she was 17. It was a hard time. Her family had kicked her out, and she was all on her own. Read how your support is a strength and encouragement to Evelyn on her journey through motherhood.


Bonnie & Diana’s Story

Mom2Mom Volunteers Bonnie and Diane were paired with single mom Bernice, who was facing some daunting challenges. Bernice was living in social housing with her 9-year-old son William who had previously been diagnosed with leukemia. Read how this trio have enriched each others lives.

Nie Ann .jpg

Nie-Ann’s Story

When Nie-Ann’s husband passed away three years ago, his sudden and unexpected death left her and her three young children, two sons and an infant daughter, reeling. Read how your support helped Nie-Ann through her journey with grief.


Susan’s Story

Susan’s decision to volunteer with Mom2Mom was rooted in her family values, but she also strongly identified with the heart of the mission. Read how Susan stands up to poverty by supporting Carrie and her children.

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Denyse’s Story

“My Mom2Mom mentors have shown love, support and guidance as I find my way as a single-mom. They didn’t judge me for my past - they believed in my future.” Read how your support has helped Denyse through her journey with motherhood.

50% of lone-parent families in BC live in poverty.
82% of these families are led by women.

Mom2Mom provides a unique approach to poverty reduction in Metro Vancouver. We improve the lives of children in poverty by supporting their moms. Research and experience shows that this is a proven, effective way to help families in need.

Join us to improve the lives of children in poverty by supporting their moms.