When moms thrive, children thrive.



Relationship Model

We believe that the best way to support a single-mother in need is to connect her to another caring and compassionate mother in her community. 

Our Relationship Volunteers are women from different backgrounds, often who have raised families themselves and want to use their knowledge to support other moms. They are stable, non-judgmental allies who offer active listening, emotional and practical support. 

For many participant moms, this may be their first relationship that is predicated on support where there is no agenda to judge her suitability as a parent, or threaten to remove her children. These relationships help our participant moms thrive as mothers and leaders of their families.

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Grocery Support

Food insecurity is one of the most significant barriers to a family’s ability to thrive. Grocery support is a vital way to relieve stress on low-income moms and improve outcomes for their children. 

Prior to joining Mom2Mom, the families we serve all relied on the foodbank. Yet, even with this resource, 72% of mothers newly joining Mom2Mom report they ‘very often’ or ‘often’ worry that food will run out before they have money to buy more. 50% skip meals or eat less to help make food last longer for their children.

To address this issue, Mom2Mom provides a monthly grocery stipend based on the number of children our participant moms have living with them. This is predominately delivered through our Relationship Volunteers who take their participant mom grocery shopping once a month. When this is not possible, moms will receive a grocery gift card instead. 

Community Partnerships

When our participant moms or their children require support that we’re not equipped to handle, our growing network of community partnerships help provide the right interventions and support. Our partnerships include access to youth mental health resources, extra-curricular activity subsidies and grants, counselling, clothing, furniture and household items, advocacy, legal support, and career development.

These partnerships allow us to respond quickly, with a customized solution to whatever challenges are faced by Mom2Mom participant families. For example, when Relationship Volunteers learn that the 13-year-old son of their participant mom is experiencing depression and missing weeks of school, the volunteers connect with Mom2Mom staff who reach out to community partners to connect families with the right supports.

Compassion Fund

When Mom2Mom families have needs that are not easily solved through our Community Partnerships, our Compassion Fund provides funding to relieve short-term stress, invest in long-term wellbeing, and remove barriers. 

Examples include extra grocery support, professional development related fees, appliance repair, and medical expenses not covered by MSP and more. In most cases, these requests are for support that will provide immense impact for a relatively low investment. 

Super Mamas Events

We believe it is important to facilitate community and connection among our participant moms. Mom2Mom hosts regular events that provide the opportunity for moms to get together, relax, and learn or experience something new. 

Super Mama events always include childcare and a healthy meal for the whole family, removing barriers so that all moms can attend. 

Event programs can include:

  • Education on parenting, financial resources, personal reflection and development

  • Workshops on affordable, healthy meal preparation

  • Opportunities to spend time in nature