When moms thrive, children thrive.


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There’s nothing more empowering than when resilient women stand together and support one another through life’s challenges.

As a Relationship Volunteer, you join a community of women who care for one another while modelling strength, personal responsibility, and integrity. Our Volunteers give of their time, compassion, stability and consistency, and serve as role models and nurturing friends who can walk the journey of motherhood with our moms.  

Volunteers are paired with Participant Moms and build meaningful relationship with them while they navigate daily poverty-related stresses like food security, housing, and providing basic things for their children like transportation, access to health care, literacy skills, and extra-curricular activities.

Volunteers are trained and supported monthly by Mom2Mom staff and volunteer clinical counsellors.


“Volunteering with Mom2Mom has opened my eyes up to how strong of a woman, of a human being, you have to be in order to be a single mom.” - Lauren, M2M Volunteer


Relationship volunteers are paired with a participant mom to build a relationship through monthly meet ups and intermittent phone calls or texts. The moms we serve live with daily stress around issues like food security, housing, and providing basic things for their children like transportation, access to health care, literacy skills, recreation etc. As a relationship volunteer, you offer someone to talk to who is outside the chaos of your participant mom’s life.

As a relationship volunteer, you offer respectful, non-judgmental support to your participant mom. Both partners benefit from the relationship as the relationship volunteer witnesses the strength of women living in poverty and their ability to care for their children against very tough odds. The participant moms benefit from the consistent, supportive relationship and practical help related to parenting and navigating bureaucratic systems.

One of the most important things you will do as a relationship volunteer is model consistency, reliability and stability, as these traits are key to raising healthy, well-adjusted children.


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What does Mom2Mom commit to you as a Relationship Volunteer?

  • To value your time and energy with clear and timely communication.

  • To provide support for your relationship with your participant mom by listening, coaching, resourcing goods and services, and making arrangements to support your participant mom when you are away/incapacitated.

  • To provide regular training to support your interaction with your participant mom. Volunteer support meetings are held bi-monthly in the homes of relationship volunteers.

  • To provide fun opportunities for you and your participant mom (and her children and yours!) through our Side-by-Side free events program.

What does Mom2Mom expect from you, as a Relationship Volunteer?

  • A one-year minimum commitment to relationship with your participant mom.

  • Approximately four hours per month of your time, including one face-to-face meeting with your participant mom and a few texts or a phone call.

  • A warm, open attitude, a willingness to listen, and responses that emphasize participant mom’s strengths and considers the impact of trauma on behaviour and the complexity of poverty.

  • Ability to set and exercise personal boundaries.

  • Ability to travel to and from meetings with participant moms and volunteer support meetings

  • Completion of a brief volunteer check-in on a monthly basis 


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I don’t have any training, is that O.K.? You will be trained and supported by experienced Mom2Mom program coordinators. All we ask for is your commitment to a compassionate and encouraging relationship with your participant mom. No special education is required!

  2. I go away on vacations, is that a problem? Of course not! We will usually pair you with another volunteer. Let your participant mom and your partner relationship volunteer know that you are going away so that she won’t think you aren’t returning her calls/texts for no reason.

  3. Am I putting myself in danger in any way? Mom2Mom will never knowingly place a volunteer into a situation that is  dangerous. That is why we screen families as well as volunteers. If you ever feel unsafe, leave the situation immediately and contact a program coordinator.

  4. Do I need to spend my own money? No, there is no cost to get involved and become a Mom2Mom volunteer. Mom2Mom is a charitable society and we fundraise to support volunteer activities, including the time you spend with a participant mom. We do ask that you pay for the expenses and then submit receipts for reimbursement. If that is a barrier to your participating as a volunteer, let us know and we can work something out.

  5. What is the process to becoming a volunteer? Mom2Mom accepts volunteers year-round. STEP 1: is to fill our our volunteer interest form at the top of the page. STEP 2: is to attend a training session with one of our program coordinators, who will orient you to the program and answer your questions. STEP 3: is to complete a criminal record check. STEP 4: is to attend an initial coffee meeting with your participant mom and a Mom2Mom program coordinator. STEP 5: is to slowly build trust and relationship with your participant mom, while allowing Mom2Mom to support you both! 

These moms can do this on their own. They’re living in tough situations they’ve been in their whole lives. What they want, what they’re asking for, is just a bridge to more for their own daughters and sons.
— Mom2Mom Volunteer

If you have more questions about volunteering for Mom2Mom or would like to speak to a current volunteer about their experiences, please get in touch with us directly. We would love to get to know you and help you discover if this opportunity is a good fit for you.