When moms thrive, children thrive.

Join us to improve the lives of children in poverty by supporting their moms.


Mom2Mom provides a unique approach to poverty reduction in Vancouver. We improve the lives of children in poverty by supporting their moms. Research and experience shows that this is a proven, effective way to help families in need.

When moms thrive, children thrive.


Your Impact

Meet Eva and other moms you’ve helped through your support in our 2018/19 Annual Report. We wrote it just for you - check it out here.


Why Moms?

“Counselling, doctors, social programs, all that stuff is available - but what my fellow clinical researchers and I keep coming back to is this: what people really need is a mom. That’s what was missing, the attachment, the development of self-esteem, the guidance and structure of how to take care of oneself, that’s all rooted in family.” - Chris Siu, MA, RCC

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Your Impact

You can help break the cycle of poverty by keeping families together and helping them thrive under the care of a healthy, determined, and well-supported mother.


of moms report an increase in positive behaviors from their children since joining mom2mom.



of moms report seeing an improvement in their child’s outcomes at school since joining mom2mom.



Get Involved

You can help reduce poverty-related stress right in your own backyard. By connecting struggling moms with a caring community of women who can offer support, advice and a listening ear, low income moms are building resiliency and keeping their families intact. Your support helps to improve the lives of mothers and their children - we couldn’t do this important work without you!