When moms thrive, children thrive.




About our focus on Moms

Motherhood can be challenging under any circumstance. The struggles faced by low income mothers raising children in a city like Vancouver - with the soaring cost of housing, food, child care and transportation - make it really tough.

50% of lone-parent families in BC live in poverty.
82% of these families are female led.

Low income mothers in our city are striving to raise their children well, but often, these moms lack the resources they need to provide a loving and stable environment for their children and themselves.

If we can increase the social, emotional and financial resources of low income moms, their poverty-related stress decreases, and this has a tremendously positive impact on family life. Mom2Mom offers programs and services that help low income moms provide for their families, build their careers, and access a welcoming, supportive community sets them up to be the very best mothers they can be.

Children who have healthy, determined, well-supported mothers grow into adults who are resilient, hardworking and compassionate.

When moms thrive, children thrive.


There is nothing that is more significantly associated with the removal of children from their families than poverty.
— Dr. Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond

With your support, you can help break the cycle of poverty by keeping families together and helping them thrive under the care of a healthy, determined, and well-supported mother.

Join us to improve the lives of children in poverty by supporting their moms.