About Mom2Mom

Mom2Mom (M2M) was co-founded by Dr. Joanne Roussy and Dr. Barbara Fitzgerald. As a developmental pediatrician, Dr. Fitzgerald created an innovative outreach model wherein she brought her services to Vancouver's  inner city schools. During her 17 years in the schools she saw that while children were in loving homes, there were huge disparities in the tools they received to foster their success at school and in life. With such an uneven playing field, the likelihood that they would succeed seemed remote. Dr. Fitzgerald served as President of the M2M board of directors from 2011-2015 and while Dr. Roussy continues as a volunteer mentor, she has also gone on to start her own society, The Reading Bear, to support children in early literacy.
Through compassionate and respectful mentoring, M2M volunteers help and support mothers to parent their children and provide them with the tools they need to be successful. We pair women who want to help with women who can benefit from their mentorship. We provide the basic necessities for their homes and food to feed their families, but mostly we extend kindness and compassion to women who may not have had enough of that. We hope to level the playing field a bit so that resilient, loving mothers can raise healthy children who finish school and go on to lead happy and productive lives.

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Make a difference for children and families in need – children who are hungry will be fed; families who need a kitchen table will receive one; mothers will be connected with women who will support and mentor them.

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Kind Words From Awesome People

"I got involved in M2M when I was struggling. You feel relaxed and you can talk about things you cannot express in front of your kids. You cannot be stressed. You cannot be sad. You cannot be weak – two heads think better than one!"

Comment from a participant mom

"I think the best part about being involved in Mom2Mom is the friendship we’ve been able to establish. And just like any other friendship, we share what’s going on in our lives, we help each other out – just confide in each other. It’s the personal connection that makes it different than anything else."

Volunteer mentor

"It was great getting out with you yesterday, and not just because of your generosity, it was lovely spending time just talking and being out with another mom. I can honestly say I have never had so much food in my house; I had to come up with some new storage ideas just to put it all away! The kids were blown away when they got home from school and couldn’t decide what to snack on. I am so thankful…. Thanks for the offers regarding schooling and a mom drop in. I really appreciate everything you are doing to help me and my kids."

Excerpt of a letter from a participant mom

"We are so pleased that you have chosen to work with our school community. As a result of your deliberate, generous and kind efforts we are seeing more mothers around our school and more caregivers interested and willing to lend a hand and get involved. For instance, we had two of the largest Parent Advisory Council work groups we’ve seen in our school in years. It was such a delight to watch the mothers come together at our school and get to know each other as they wrapped donated book gifts. We have witnessed how your efforts and hard work have had a direct and positive impact on our children and families. We are so grateful for the magical work of Mom2Mom as it supports and enhances the work that we do as educators."

Excerpt of a letter from an inner city school principal

"It makes me feel happy. I feel like my mom has somebody for her – besides me. And I feel like it has contributed to my family. I’m really fortunate and I think my mom thinks the same thing too."

M2M teenage boy