When moms thrive, children thrive.

This Mother’s Day, Celebrate Resilient Moms

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It is powerful when women come together to support each other.

The challenges of raising children in the city and providing a stable home are tireless - we know that a little help goes a long way.

By connecting struggling moms with women who can offer support, advice and a listening ear, Mom2Mom is helping moms build resiliency and keep their families intact.

Show your support with a gift this Mother’s Day.


“They feel like family to me - the two moms I work with - I feel very close to them. They’re open, they don’t judge me - they blow me away with how wonderful they are. I don’t have any other role models in my life as mothers. So they make a big difference for me.” - Barb


Your gift this Mother’s Day empowers Mom2Mom to reach out to isolated moms in practical ways to alleviate poverty-related stress. A little help with groceries, medical expenses or school fees can go a long way for a mom juggling work, school and parenting - all on a tight budget in an expensive city.

This Mother’s Day, will you honour the dedicated, care-taking women in your life with a donation to Mom2Mom?

We’re thinking of the moms, sisters, friends, aunties and grandmas who always put others before themselves.

These women are the glue that holds so many families together. 



On May 4th we’re hosting a Mother’s Day Celebration.

Like every event that Mom2Mom hosts, our Mother’s Day celebration is about empowering our participant moms to be the most present and resilient moms they can be.

Your donation will help us celebrate the moms in our community on May 4th, and continue to support them mentally, emotionally and financially all year long.

Moms know how to do a little with a lot - and so do we.

Every dollar you give is leveraged with the power of volunteerism to do even more for struggling moms.