Would you look at these wonderfully generous, kind-hearted and thoughtful ladies… they’ve been in Mom2Mom’s corner for years now, supporting women and children who experience poverty with a generous donation each fall. We recently had the pleasure of attending a celebratory luncheon (note the fantastic hats!) as a guest of long-standing volunteer, Anne Longhurst. The Rotary Women’s Association has been going strong since 1921, wherein the Women’s Auxiliary to the Rotary Clinic for Chest Diseases was formally established. Fundraisers allowed the purchase of bedding, clothing, fuel and personal effects for tuberculosis patients and their families. Fast forward to 2016, with a group of women dedicated to charitable and social activities relevant to our time, these women have been social justice advocates for for almost 100 years! From supporting bursaries for students, sponsorship of campers, to mentorship and connection for women and children, and so much more – we send out a heartfelt song of gratitude for RWA’s ongoing support!!

Empowered women like the RWA members who support Mom2Mom, empower women broadly – we all have a wonder woman inside us!