A few weeks ago on July 26th, Mom2Mom held our Annual Summer Picnic!

The Summer Picnic is a fantastic opportunity for our community to get together, enjoy great food, and celebrate the season. Longtime community members and newcomers could all mingle at this great event. The Summer Picnic is one of the few times of the year when moms and kids, volunteers and their families, board members, and staff can all get together. We were able to take advantage of the sunshine – and the spray park! There were lots of fun toys to play with, and many of the kids also got their faces painted. Thank you to Rebecca for painting so many faces!

Our awesome volunteers helped cater the event. With help from staff, they brought an impressive spread of picnic food for everyone to enjoy. There was enough food to fill everyone’s stomachs and even to fill some take home containers. Thanks, volunteers!

This year, Mom2Mom was so lucky to have the support of the Reading Bear Society. Reading Bear organizes buddy reading visits to Vancouver schools and encourages early literacy. They were kind enough to bring a reading buddy to the picnic, so Mom2Mom kids could enjoy story time after eating and running around the park! We even had a big bear stuffy, as well as a real human-sized bear, to hug. The kids (and some adults) were definitely entertained!

Reading Bear also provides literacy resources to the community, including the Mom2Mom community at the Summer Picnic! After story time, kids received personalized bags full of age appropriate books. Thank you to Reading Bear for sourcing so many great books and making sure each child got books they would be interested in. Some kids couldn’t wait and started reading as soon as the got their book bags. They also loved the reading buddies included with their books!

All of these beautiful photos were taken by Vivienne McMaster of Be Your Own Beloved.Thank you so much for attending our event, connecting with our community, and photographing everyone so beautifully.

It was so wonderful to see how our community has grown in the past year, and we are so excited grow even more in the year(s) to come. Thank you to everyone who attended the Summer Picnic for coming to this great event and for being a part of our community!