Our blog series, ‘Stories of Mom2Mom,’ aims to give a voice to the M2M community, raise awareness of what M2M does and celebrates the strength of the women involved as participants and volunteers. Over the past five years we’ve grown substantially and evolved, but our mission, to improve outcomes of children living in poverty by supporting their mothers through connection, still stands strong.

*Names have been changed for anonymity

Last week I met with three fabulous moms and one fiery 7-year old girl to dig into their experiences with Mom2Mom. It was great getting the different perspectives from the volunteers Elise and Sonja, and a participant Bridgette, with her daughter Alexis, and it really helped to highlight how unique and supportive the M2M community really is.

This is the third summer that the group has been together and it was clear that their relationships had a family-like closeness. Apart from their regular breakfast dates, the group had many fond memories to share from over the years. These memories included going to see the Bright Lights at Stanley Park, pizza dinners, beach outings, and most recently an awesome (but loud) night where the kids let loose on some instruments.

From a volunteer’s perspective, Sonja felt that M2M gave her an opportunity to give back to the community differently: “I am a retired teacher in special-ed, so it’s sort of the other side of the fence, which is great, because I’m on the mom’s side instead of looking at it from the child’s side. It’s always about helping children, but this way, hopefully, helping the mom will in turn help the child, so it’s just a different perspective on it.”

M2M has also helped Bridgette connect to resources in her community: “One thing I got was a bed for Alexis. So in terms of physical resources, like stuff we needed, we have gotten tons of stuff from Mom2Mom, and if I needed anything and I didn’t know where to get it, I knew where to turn”. M2M also helped connect Bridgette and Alexis to a bike, and a tablet vital to Alexis’ special-needs education.

In the long run, Sonja hopes that their relationships will continue to grow and flourish as they develop more trust, and get to know one another better. While Bridgette hopes that Alexis leads a happy, healthy and full life, Elise hopes that their relationships can stand the test of time: “My thoughts and hopes for the future are that all of our relationships continue to grow and that we become four great women who grow old together.”