On August 20th, Mom2Mom brought our Super Mamas and their kids up to Grouse Mountain, the peak of Vancouver, for an outdoor adventure!

Super Mamas going up!

It was fun to be tourists in our city for the day. Although it’s only a half hour shuttle ride from Canada Place in downtown Vancouver, it was the first time to Grouse for many of our moms and their kids, and even for our staff! It was a perfect day to go up, whether it was someone’s first time or tenth. It was quite warm and sunny, and because the smoke had cleared, we were able to see our beautiful city from the top of the mountain.

We braved the breathtaking Skyride to get to the top of the mountain, and we caught some impressive views of the north shore mountains. Once at the top, many of our moms took their kids to see the lumberjack show, one of the many fun shows and activities that they could do on Grouse.

Moms and kids also got to visit Grinder and Coola. These two bears were both found orphaned in 2001 and now make their home at Grouse Mountain’s Wildlife Refuge.

Isn’t he handsome? Thanks to participant mom Shiloh for this great photo!

At the Birds in Motion demonstration, Mom2Mom watched some impressive birds of prey show off their flying and hunting skills!

One of our super mamas, Shiloh, took photos of all the birds shown during the demonstration. Can you recognize any of them?

We were so happy to see all the smiles from moms, kids, and volunteers! Grouse was such a great place for Mom2Mom families to explore and enjoy. After a whole day of running around in the sun, a number of kids begged to stay longer and some even fell asleep on the way home!

Thank you to our volunteers who came in to prepare lunch bags for event attendees! Feeding such a big group is no small feat, so thank you for making it possible.

Mom2Mom is so grateful to Grouse Mountain for helping our moms make special memories with their families. Thank you Grouse for helping Mom2Mom make this event such a success!