Here at M2M we are surrounded by a talented network of volunteers – pictured above is one such volunteer, Lisa Hansen! Lisa is currently working on a series of e-learning modules designed to support new volunteers as an early learning opportunity before they attend an initial training session. The modules will include the following core areas of understanding:

  1. 1 – Child Development and Resilience
  2. 2 – Understanding Poverty
  3. 3 – Trauma and Addiction
  4. 4 – Aboriginal History and Child Development
  5. 5 – Resources in Our Neighbourhood
  6. 6 – Social Determinants of Health

Each of these is important to understanding the goals of M2M and the role of the volunteer mentor. For instance, take the module on Child Development and Resilience – a basic understanding of resilience theory and the stages of child development is important to the role of volunteer mentor because women will be supporting moms to reduce poverty-related stress and free up bandwidth to be directed towards parenting. The M2M culture supports the move away from deficit-focused models towards the use of positive frameworks for change that see strengths (ordinary magic!) and build upon them. To give you a sneak peek, we’ve copied an example of a supporting document in this module into this post, “Ordinary Magic: Lessons from Research in Human Development and Resilience” (see below).

We are beyond thrilled to have Lisa working on these modules for the M2M community! Lisa has worked in the field of community living supporting families who have children with additional needs for over 30 years. The opportunity to work across many service sectors including health, education, social service, and non-profit over a period of significant philosophical change has given Lisa a perspective that is both broad and long. Through her work she has observed that when families make connections and develop meaningful relationships within their community, they are stronger and more resilient. Lisa works for BC Children’s Hospital and is based at Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children. Lisa has an MA in Counselling Psychology from UBC. She has one son, one husband and two geriatric dogs 🙂

Thank you, Lisa!