Mentorship: Caring No Matter What + Sense of Community

[Photo: L, Dr. Fitzgerald; R, participant mom and community leader Debbie Henry]

Mom2Mom’s co-founder, Dr. Barbara Fitzgerald, recently published a great article in the Journal of the Canadian Paediatric Society titled “Support Mothers in Poverty Need: Lessons Learned from Mom2Mom.” The article does a fantastic job of describing the importance of mentorship, how the Mom2Mom model works and what the incredible potential is when you gather an empowered community of women together.

“Both the mentors and moms identify the sense of community that has developed as being one of the most important aspects of Mom2Mom… Mentorship, particularly by someone who can provide resources not available within an individual’s social group, has been identified as a key factor in the success of women living in poverty attending post-secondary education.”

For many women who join the Mom2Mom community, it is often the first time in their lives that they have had a reliable, resourceful, and compassionate person they can call, who is there because she wants to be and has no power over her. Social support is everything! More importantly, research tells us that┬ásocial support helps to lessen the negative consequences of stress… Read on & thanks so Dr. Fitzgerald for her wonderful work as our co-founder!