This holiday season, you can support Moms like Denyse.

    Throughout our neighbourhoods and communities, there are isolated moms like Denyse who are just barely scraping by.

    Denyse has battled to overcome significant obstacles in her life. From achieving sobriety from her alcoholism and regaining custody of her son Lukus, to working towards graduating from university with a Bachelors in Social Work, Denyse has shown true resilience and tenacity.

    Moms like Denyse need a community of support to thrive.

    This holiday season, you can be there for moms in your community that are struggling. Mom2Mom’s grocery support provides isolated moms with gift-cards for healthy groceries to feed their families.

    But this support is so much more than food.

    Moms like Denyse are also paired with volunteer moms from Mom2Mom who help them navigate life as a parent. These volunteer moms provide invaluable support by listening, sharing from experience, and supporting practical needs of isolated moms like Denyse. These relationships start with grocery support and flourish into so much more.

    Today, will you help Mom2Mom reach even more isolated moms like Denyse with grocery support?

    You can help in the following ways:

• $40 provides grocery support for a family for 1 week

• $80 provides grocery support for a family for 2 weeks

• $150 provides grocery support for a family for a month

• $1,800 provides grocery support for a family for an entire year

    Thanks to a generous donor, your gift today will be matched!

    Twice the impact = twice the support.

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    Please make your gift today to nourish growing children and provide the foundation of support that connects isolated moms to a healthy community.