Relationship Volunteers

Mom2Mom is a charitable society and actively raises donations so that there is no cost to get involved and become a Mom2Mom volunteer. As a volunteer, you will provide respectful, non-judgmental support to other moms and children. Both you and the participant mom will benefit from this relationship.

Volunteer Support
Frequently Asked Questions
Volunteer Expectations


The role of the volunteer is to work towards developing a trusting relationship with a participant mom.

Each woman and each circumstance is different, so each relationship will be unique. The volunteer will support the mom in some of the following ways:


Identify Needs

To identify the basic needs of the family and to help the mom access food, clothing and household items.

Recognize Strengths

To help the mom in recognizing her strengths and help her to build on them.

Identify Goals

To help the mom identify her goals for her family and to support her in realising those goals.

Develop Skills

To help the mom develop skills that will benefit her and her family.

Provide Support

To provide emotional support and encouragement

Assist & Connect

To assist in connecting moms with community and school services and resources.

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Donate to Mom2Mom Child Poverty Initiative Society.

Make a difference for children and families in need – children who are hungry will be fed; families who need a kitchen table will receive one; mothers will be connected with women who will support and mentor them. Click the button below for more information.